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About us

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nature2need - your sustainability partner!

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nature2need is a global leader in R&D, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of sustainable biomaterials: durable bio-polymers and biomaterial compounds.

Our materials are truly circular, constitute more permanent carbon sinks and help significantly reducing the global carbon footprint as well as landfill & water pollution.

We founded nature2need to create high-performing bamboo fiber reinforced polymers for the automotive industry. By now, nature2need contributes to numerous success stories in nearly all sectors and ind and almost everywhere in the world.

We realize amazing solutions together with our customers. 

Truly innovative materials, industrial mass production capabilities and a high-degree of customization at market relevant cost levels make us an industry leader. 
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We are a fast growing group, currently present in China, Zhejiang, Bangkok, Thailand and NSW, Australia. 
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Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing

nature2need East Asia

Nature2Need Co., Ltd.

Lian Huashan Industrial Park B1C1

Building No. 7

Jiangshan, Quzhou (324100)



Do you want to learn more about our compounds? Drop us a short messages; our Sales team will get back to you within 48 hours!
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