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nature2need recycled biomaterials  are customized compounds significantly blended with local 2nd/3rd generation biomass streams.  
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nature2need biomaterial compounds are customized grades built with local 2nd/3rd gen. biomass like agricultural, food processing, green community & natural industrial waste. This direct valorization of organic waste streams into circular feedstock for standard injection molding processes is Mottainai 5.0. – a regional circular economy business model. Biomaterial compounds are customized grades incorporating individual, local customer waste streams.

nature2need recycled biomaterials are durable or bio-based, they are biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. 


Regional and local organic waste stream can be any 2nd/3rd generation biomass from agricultural residues (e.g., coffee and rice husk, straw), food processing waste (e.g., orange peel, spent brewery grains, spent coffee grounds, egg shells) to green community waste, forestry residues (e.g., wooden saw dust) and natural industrial waste.  We process biomass without energy & water intensive processes. The storage of biomass in consumer products represents a more permanent removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

nature2need biomaterial compounds constitute a true circular economy.

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Mottainai 5.0 is an innovative and disruptive circular economy model valorizing local and regional organic waste streams into innovative and sustainable biomaterial compounds.

nature2need strives to set-up local Mottainai 5.0 sites with strong partners in different regions to utilize local and regional 2nd/3rd generation biomass - in-situ, right where the waste originates. These sites are small to medium size standardized turn-key facilities in their set-up and operation principles, creating circular compounds flexibly engineered and tailored to the organic waste available.

Endless combinations of customized nature2need biomaterial compounds, amazingly sustainable and circular, suitable for injection molding and extrusion molding manufacturing processes.
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nature2need Organo-blend grades are customized compounds built with organic waste streams made available by our customers. Organoblend com-pounds are tailored to individual requirements and specifications.

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