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MUSE Design Award

Mia Silva

2 min



May 15, 2022

nature2need & wwp beauty awarded with the prominent MUSE Design Award, New York, USA

Green Luxury - Biopolymer Technology that creates Beauty with Purpose

nature2need is a WWP Beauty exclusive plastic-free, biopolymer collection created from renewable and abundant sugarcane resources using the latest plant-based technologies. 

The collection features a luxurious, heavy-weighted jar, lip balm, and compact with a sophisticated satin finish that positively impacts the environment. The uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere during photosynthesis is a unique feature of plant biomass. 

The transformation of biomass (and its embodied “biogenic” carbon) into consumer products represents, in effect, the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere via its continued storage in the product over a period of time. 

nature2need biomaterials have CO2 storage capabilities that can contribute to reducing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere and address global warming. It biodegrades 90% in industrial composting conditions and 10x faster than PP without creating micro-plastic. 

Together we can create beauty with Purpose and a more circular Beauty system! Join us!

#nature2need #nature2world #wwp #Mottainai #biomaterials #circularity #sustainability #net-zero #decarbonization #recycling

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