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Single-use cutlery & food containers

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Mar 5, 2019

Compostable, high-heat stable, food contact safe, easy to process

nature2need, located in Heidelberg, Germany with its manufacturing unit in Zhejiang, PR China, is a global supplier of biopolymers and natural fiber reinforced compounds and sheets; preferred natural fiber reinforcements are mechanically extracted bamboo fibers. Different grades are available for applications in various industries, like automotive, personal care, houseware, kitchenware, toys, outdoor, agriculture and gardening industry.

During April 2019, nature2need launched its new biopolymer compound Bioblend LT25B, a biopolymer that is compostable in industrial conditions according to EN 13432 (for Europe) and ASTM D 6400 (for North-America). The Bioblend grade is a blend of different biopolymers, modified with mineral fillers. Main base polymer of the compound is PLA. The compound is very easy to process with industry-relevant cycle times on standard equipment and injection moulds. A quick, in-line annealing process, right after demoulding, is suitable to get all parts heat-stable up to 110 °C (HDT-B). nature2need´s right choice of different biopolymers, natural additives that work as nucleating agents and natural, highly-effective compatibilizers guarantee a quick and efficient material crystallization to meet high-heat requirements. The material is food-contact safe.

Bioblend LT25B targets to replace traditional, fossil-based plastics that is used in single-use items, like cutlery, food-containers, drinking cups, etc. Single-use applications made with non biodegradable materials are already or will be banned in a lot of countries very soon. There are a few alternatives to traditional, single-use plastics parts on the market, most of them are either very expensive or are not performing well. Especially thermal stability at temperatures around 70 – 100 °C is a problem with most of the eco-friendly alternatives. Products made with Bioblend LT25B compounds can even be re-used a couple of times, a camping holiday or a few dish-washer cycles are no problem, even for thin-walled parts.

“The spoons, knives and forks we molded with our material are sturdy, high-temperature resistance, they come with a surprisingly high perceived quality; bright-white with a very glossy surface. A much better product than the ones we all know made with traditional, oil-based plastics like PP or PS. The material is completely compostable and - on top of this - offers significant reduction in carbon footprint.” says Dr. Karsten Brast, CEO of nature2need. “Low cost and high-quality levels will make it easier to convince everybody out there to finally change to sustainable products!”

A bio-degradable/compostable solution is good, but not perfect. nature2need is currently developing a new grade, biodegradable in soil, with very similar properties that will be commercially available soon.

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