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Solar Impulse Foundation Label

Mia Silva

2 min



Sep 10, 2023

nature2world Mottainai recognized as a sustainable, scalable and profitable solution

We are excited that nature2world Mottainai 5.0 has been awarded with the Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The label recognizes Mottainai 5.0 as a highly efficient, sustainable, profitable and scalable solution to address climate change, biomass wastage and plastic pollution on scale.

The Solar Impulse Foundation identifies clean, efficient and profitable solutions to accelerate their implementation and the transition to a sustainable economy. The Label is attributed following a very strict selection process performed by external independent experts. Thanks to this rigorous evaluation process, the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" Label is the only evaluation that guarantees the economic profitability of products and processes that protect the environment - a credible trademark of quality for investors, governments and companies. By giving political and economic decision-makers the tools to adopt much more ambitious energy and environmental policies, the Foundation helps them to set a roadmap to reach their environmental objectives; always with the aim to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free and sustainable economy.

nature2need is applying outstanding material formulations and advanced processes to directly and in-situ valorize local biomass (agricultural & fishery residues, food processing and organic industrial or community waste) and recycled plastic waste streams into next generation feedstock, drop-ins for standard polymer processes. A direct use of residues is creating circular, carbon negative, high-performing and low-cost material compounds.

Robust turn-key biomaterials manufacturing sites are franchised to local manufacturing partners right where residue streams are available. We are actively working on implementation projects in Southeast Asia and Southeast Africa. We are ready to and eager to move into more regions globally.

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